Interest Rates Make a Break – For the Good (Quick One Today)

Casey Fleming

Last week I wrote that interest rates had remained in an unusually narrow range since mid-January, a very unusual circumstance. It is rare for rates to stay “range bound” for too long, as eventually market pressures push them one way or the other. Investors (who “set” interest rate by determining what they are willing to pay for a security backed by mortgage pools) are a nervous lot, and they don’t like stability.

Interest rates are making a break downward
Interest rates are making a break downward

Well, one week makes a heck of a difference. On Thursday of last week rates started to break downward, and moved below the range on Friday. The next day or two were critical, to give us an indication as to whether this was a sustainable trend. So far, so good.

Rates improved again on Monday, backed up a little yesterday, and are making another run down again this morning. Have you been waiting for a sign? Here it is.

Here's your sign!
Here’s your sign!

Lenders are hungry for business, too, so they’re following the market down more quickly than they typically do. I’m seeing price improvements mid-day, and the best pricing of the year.

If you’ve been thinking about refinancing, it’s a good time. If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, it’s tough out there but the lower rates do give you a little more buying power.

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