Home Improvement Projects That Pay You Back

Casey Fleming
This would be my dream bathroom
This would be my dream bathroom

If you have been with me for many years you know that in my early life I was an appraiser.  One of my favorite “side gigs” was to help homeowners determine what home improvement projects would pay them back, in terms of value added to the home versus the cost of the improvement.

Moreover, my most-read series in the hard-copy newsletter I used to send out was “This Old House.” where I chronicled my progress as I restored my own 1926 Craftsman-style bungalow.

Recently an online blog published by Bath Planet asked for some comments on what home-improvement projects would add value, and what would not.  There is no one right answer for that as you may suspect, as demand for amenities varies on lifestyle, financial status, and the need for such an improvement based on a home’s functional utility and suitability for the current market.  The author handled this nuanced issue pretty well, I thought, and wrote a good article about when, for instance, a bath remodel might make sense.

You can read the article here.

It’s nice to get the shout-out, and they have some excellent information throughout the site.

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