This Old House Redux – Shipping Troubles and Paint Overwhelm

Casey Fleming
This is what my kitchen looks like today
This is what my kitchen looks like today

I landed Sunday night in Albuquerque, and got to work immediately Monday morning. The “big” job is the kitchen cabinets, and that will drive everything else. I received an email last Monday (the 8th) saying they were done and ready for shipping. That was fast! I called the office and told them I didn’t want them delivered before I got there. They said no problem, they would be shipped to a local warehouse and I would be called to arrange delivery. Score!

Then I received an email Saturday saying the kitchen cabinets had shipped, and to “click here” if I had received them. I hadn’t. If I had not received them, I was to wait 48 hours and call them. I called Tuesday morning to find out that in fact they had not shipped, they were still in Atlanta. Huh?

OK, so I need them now, when will they ship? After six hours of checking, I was told they were shipping Tuesday, which in shipping speak, it turns out, means Wednesday morning. I should have them by Friday. Ugh!

Update: The truck came by on Friday morning during the only 15 minute period I was not on the property. I called the number on the tracking label taped to the door – no problem, they will be back Saturday morning.

Then I get a call later from the shipping company – what time Monday can they come by? When I said we had already agreed to Saturday, he responded that they don’t work weekends – what time Monday? Grrr…

Purple? Who thought that was a good idea?
Purple? Who thought that was a good idea?

In the meantime, I’m figuring out paint while my handyman finishes texturing and priming. My property manager likes a yellowish white called Rainier White. That’s what I used on the last one I rehabbed. It’s fine, and makes it easy for the property manager when a unit turns, but it’s just not that attractive. It’s a bit dated and makes the apartment look cheap and clinical. Nicer new apartments in the area are offering more modern colors. Sorry, Heidi. I’m going with a different scheme.

Long way to go, but the bedrooms are already painted.
Long way to go, but the bedroom walls are already painted with Swiss Coffee.

I’ve always liked Swiss Coffee as a base. It’s a soft white, and a standard color for Behr paint, so it will always be available. Bedrooms, hall and baths are going that direction.

The kitchen and living room are different, though. I figured a Southwest color scheme would be smart, so I started looking for an off-white and a red or blue (Southwest theme) for the living room. Like most guys, I know of six colors – 9 if you add in white, brown and black. Behr offers hundreds of colors, although it seems more like thousands to me now.

The finalists
The finalists

12 color sample jars later, I have four colors to choose from:

  • Casual Khaki will be used for the “light accent” walls – the two long walls defining the living room. I would call this color “tan” which I think is pretty impressive considering it’s not even one of the nine colors that I know.
  • Clay Red will be one option for the dark accent wall, the wall with the sliding glass doors and the fireplace. I don’t know if I would have called this color “red” but I have to give Behr credit for using the name of an actual color in the color’s name.
  • Tornado Season is the second option for the dark accent wall. I would call this color “blue,” but I admit I would not actually paint a wall blue, and yet I like this color.
  • Longmeadow is the final option for the dark accent wall. I would call this color “blue-green” which I think should impress you since I am actually combining two of the colors I know.

Our final conclusion is that I will paint the bedrooms, bath and hall with Swiss Coffee, the light accent walls with Casual Khaki, and I will give a prospective tenant the choice of the other three colors for the dark accent wall.

The bath needs some work.
The bath needs some work.

Next up: Flooring!

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