The Newest Trend in Luxury Homes – Hidden Pools

Casey Fleming

This is just a fun post.  I came across a video about hidden pools that piqued my interest.  With an average home on a small lot in San Jose going for $1 million now, we’ve hit the luxury market category.  So why not a pool?

It's just a deck - right?
It’s just a deck – right?

But I’ve seen many backyard pools in our area (remember I was an appraiser for many years) where the pool took up – well, the entire back yard.  There is a solution!  It’s probably not cheap, but then homes are no longer cheap.

Let’s start with a wooden deck that covers the pool when not in use, but sinks down to become the pool bottom.  This requires a bit of hydraulic alchemy and might be hard to maintain, but sure does look nice.

Can you spot the pool in this back yard?
Can you spot the pool in this back yard?

How about this one?  Can you spot the pool in this backyard?  The mechanism is a little simpler and the kids and dog have a lot of room to run on the lawn.

What I personally like about this one is that it doesn’t look luxurious – it looks like it could be placed in almost any back yard.

For a very small space!
For a very small space!

What if you only need a small one?  How about a splash pool / hot tub?  This little number probably won’t set you back more than a year’s pay (ha ha!) and leave a lot of room for grass (artificial of course – this is California, the land of drought and sun.)

Year-round indorr swimming!
Year-round indorr swimming!

Finally, how about one from across the pond?  In London pools are indoors (of course.)  I like how this one completely disappears, although it looks like there should be some furniture around this pool.  Perhaps there will be in the future.

With lots getting smaller and smaller and median prices hitting $1 million in San Jose and well over $2 million in the suburbs, can very high-end luxury pools be very far behind?  I’m looking forward to seeing what folks come up with.

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  1. It does look really nice! Seems a lot safer, too for kids and pets who can’t swim. Looking forward to more cost-effective hidden pool designs!

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