Dracula’s Castle is For Sale

Casey Fleming

If you love real estate (like I do) then you want to know when new and significant properties come on the market.

You may not know that I love vampires, too.  Not the cheesy made-for-teens vampires like the Twilight series, but like the vampires that Bram Stoker or Anne Rice wrote about.

Looks nice from a distance
Looks nice from a distance

So this new real estate listing was just made for me!  Who is in?

For only $80 million (roughly, depending on the exchange rate) you too can sleep in the bed once occupied by Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration supposedly for Dracula.  Except Vlad probably never owned the castle, or ever lived here.

Built from 1211 to 1388, the castle is known today as Bran Castle, in honor of the healthy eating habits of the family that owns it.  Wait.  No, that’s the name of a nearby town.  My bad.

OK, there is some deferred maintenance...
OK, there is some deferred maintenance…

The castle belongs to the descendants of the Romanian ruling family and today is used as a museum.  However, the owners are getting on in age, and are looking to find a buyer that has the means to fix up the castle, perhaps to restore her to her former glory.

It does have an interesting bit of history.  The castle was occupied by warriors and nights before being gifted to the Habsburg Royal Family in 1920.  when the communists came into power the Habsburgs fled the country, but the castle has since been restored to them.

Lazy-Boy eat your heart out!
Lazy-Boy eat your heart out!
Here is where you would read Dracula!
Here is where you would read Dracula!

The castle comes complete with a terrific little library (who wouldn’t want to read in this room?) and of course, a dungeon replete with state-of-the-art torture devices (for the day.)

It's so quiet you can hear a muffled scream...
It’s so quiet you can hear a muffled scream…

But be honest.  On a foggy day, could there be any place in the world better to read a horror novel?  No, there could not.



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