7 Home Maintenance Hacks

Casey Fleming

Now for something a little different.  I get many “click-teaser” articles every day, and most of them leave me wishing I had my time back.  This one didn’t.  Courtesy of the National Association of Realtors via House Logic, Dierdre Sullivan shares some home maintenance hacks, most of which I would not have thought of.

1.  Chalk in your toolbox?  Chalk (yep, that stuff your teacher friend has in spades and doesn’t need anymore) is a desiccant, and leaving a few pieces in your toolbox, for instance, will keep moisture off your tools and keep them from rusting.  (Not to mention save you a few shekels worth of WD-40.)  Bonus: put some in a cheesecloth and hang in a musty closet – it will dry out the closet and get rid of the musty odors.

2.  Do lawn clippings stick to your lawn mower?  Well, wait until it’s dry before you mow!  No, that’s not it.  Spray cooking oil on your blades and coat the inside of the mower with it to keep grass from sticking to it.  Bonus: wipe some around your freezer to prevent ice buildup.

3.  Do your friends leave an oil slick in your pool when they get out?  Tell them to shower!  Or else throw in a tennis ball, which will absorb the oils left behind by your guests.  Bonus: Use a tennis ball to remove scuff marks from your floors.

4.  Use painter’s tape to tape off a seam before you caulk.  Lay the caulk, even it out with your finger, and pull the tape right away.  (I actually knew this one.)

5.  Now this one I didn’t know.  Do you have a small hole in your sheet rock?  A makeup sponge makes the perfect filler.  Cut it to size, stuff the hole, and spackle over it.

6.  Use your power drill and a foam ball polishing attachment (available at the local auto store) to clean a grimy tub without scratching it.  You must grunt like Tim Allen while doing it, though.

7.  Apply clear nail polish to fill a chip in your window.  You’ve seen auto glass chip repair businesses?  And perhaps you’ve seen they offer acrylic auto glass chip filler in auto supply stores?  Who knew?  It’s apparently nail polish.

You can read the entire article here:

What do you think?  It’s spring time, when a young man’s thoughts turn to love, and an old man’s thoughts turn to how to get his lawn green.  Will you use some of these home maintenance hacks?

I’m going to ask my brother, the teacher, for some chalk.

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