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Casey Fleming

Did you LOVE the Mary Tyler Moore show?  Who didn’t?  Do you remember the beautiful home she lived in (in a third-floor apartment) on the TV show?  As it turns out, the home was never actually split up into apartments.  It also turns out that you can own this famous home, for only $1.7 million!

What’s more, the house is a bargain!  It was last purchased for $2.8 million in 2008 (bad timing) after a total renovation, and was then listed again for sale for $2.9 million in 2012.  The listing price has been reduced 5 times since then, down to it’s current listing price of $1,695,000.

Mary Tyler Moore's TV home
From the street – a little cold in winter

What do you get for $1.7 million in an upscale neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

The home is a Queen Anne style home originally built in 1900.  It sits on a 0.35 Acre lot, and has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.  Why do you need more bathrooms than bedrooms?  I guess with 9,500 square feet you always need one close by, and you might get lost too.

Still, you can’t argue that this home is not beautiful, especially if you like snow in the winter.

Mary Tyler Moore grand staircase
Exceptional woodwork

The entry staircase alone seems worth the price of admission to me.  Look at the woodwork in this photo.  This is pretty incredible detail and craftsmanship.  And notice the fireplace in the background of the photo – you’ll see why in a minute.

Mary Tyler Moore parlor
Maybe the parlor?



I’m not sure what they call this room, but it is obviously adjacent to the kitchen and has informal seating, an entertainment center, and another fireplace.  You can also see that it has a staircase to the side – and it’s not the same staircase as the previous photo.  This might have been the inspiration for “If I were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on the Roof.

You’ve got an earworm now, don’t you?  If not, just think of the words “I’d have one long staircase just going up and another even longer coming down…”  You’re welcome.

Mary Tyler Moore living room
What’s that – a psychiatrist’s couch?

This looks a little more like a formal living room, with large picture windows looking out to the garden, formal seating areas forming a conversation area, and – another fireplace.  It’s cold in Minneapolis.  I can’t help but think this house was staged by someone who thought different was better.  Is that a psychiatrist’s couch by the window?

Mary Tyler Moore music room
A private concert for two?

I’m not sure what room this is, but the floor pattern tells me it can’t be too far from the foyer.  A grand piano is a nice touch, but it looks to me like there’s enough room for a concert grand in there.  I’ll call this the music room.  I wonder if there’s a fireplace off to the right?

Mary Tyler Moore family room
When in Minnesota, watch the Viking game!

I think this might be the family room, with more informal seating, and of course a television with the game on.  It’s a little hard to tell, but I believe that’s a Vikings game.  Nice touch.  Oh, and the TV is mounted above – the fireplace.

Mary Tyler Moore Kitchen
Entertaining? Oh, yeah.

Now you’re in my territory, and this kitchen is irresistible to anyone who loves to cook and entertain.  You’ve got two double ovens, what appears to be at least 8 burners on the stove plus a griddle, and both a washing and prep sink.  What, no microwave?

Mary Tyler Moore dining room
Too cold?  Light a fire!

The formal dining room carries the floor design theme from the foyer and the music room.  The built-ins are terrific, and the ceiling treatment is simple, but elegant and classy.  The room looks like it could be a little cold, but you could always build a fire in that fireplace.

Mary Tyler Moore bedroom
One of the masters?

Is this the master bedroom?  Actually, if you have 7 bedrooms, would only one be the master?  Perhaps you could have more than one.  “Where would you like to sleep tonight, dear?”  Like the formal dining room, the bare floor makes this room look a little cold, but once again you have a nice cozy little fireplace to keep you warm.  I don’t recall enough from the show to know whether this was the fictional apartment that Mary Tyler Moore’s character lived in.

Mary Tyler Moore sauna
Sweat it out!

There is an exercise room with a sauna attached – very nice touch.  If you owned this house, though, would you ever want to go anywhere else?  And if you didn’t want to leave the house, why would you need to exercise?  No one will know if you get soft.  Just a thought.

Mary Tyler Moore porch
Enclosed porch for summer entertaining

Finally, we must include the cozy enclosed porch.  (Can anything in a 9,500 square foot home truly be called “cozy?”)  This photo was obviously taken in summer, and would be the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by, or at least the neighborhood.

Who didn’t love the Mary Tyler Moore show?  Sadly, the folks who eventually buy this home may be too young to have ever seen it.  But they will have a truly gorgeous, totally renovated old home with more class than anything built today.  And more fireplaces.

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