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Finding a place in Silicon Valley where you can keep your horses is a challenge, to say the least.  Riding them into work is a tad more difficult than it was 100 years ago, too, but that’s another story.  Our listing of the week this week is a horse property estate in South County where you can really stretch out and relax on the weekends.

24 Acres is a lot of land
Room to play!

What does $4.9 mm get you and your horses?

Well, to start with our listing of the week sits on 24 acres.  That’s a lot of real estate by Silicon Valley standards.

The Main House
Big property, big house


Then there’s the main house of 4,330 square feet containing 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths, and 1 partial bath.  What’s a partial bath?

The property also comes with a very cool name – Southern Comfort.  I’m thinking hanging out here would involve a lot of down-home southern hospitality, in a home decorated in a casual elegance.  Well, I was off a little on this one.

The Foyer
The decor is a little busy

Let’s start with the foyer.  From the outside the entry look pretty sedate – high end, maybe, and slightly formal, but nothing out of the ordinary for Silicon Valley.  From the inside, however, it is a different story.  From the leaded glass to the striated hardwood flooring to the grandfather clock – the interior of this home has detail.  Lots of it.  Let’s explore the rest of the house.

Living Room
Could you relax here?

The living room represents, well, I don’t want to say an assault on your senses, but there is a lot going on in this room.  It certainly has a luxurious feel to it, wouldn’t you agree?  I imagine inviting some close friends over for a glass of wine to discuss the state of the world affairs, and I’m thinking – “maybe we can retire to the family room.”

The Dining Room
Formal dinner party, anyone?

The formal dining room, which is right off the living room, probably isn’t the place for a discussion of world affairs, either, although I could imagine entertaining heads of state in this room.  Can you get heads of state to come to a dinner party at a horse farm in Gilroy?  Maybe if you had a dining room like this you could.

Hall Bath
The leopard makes me nervous

If you did, your guests would have the pleasure of using this hall bath (at least that’s what I think it is.)  Besides the obvious super-high-end furnishings, the leopard mural would remind your guests about the natural order of the world.  Civilized man was meant to dominate the beasts of the world, and what better place to contemplate this than the porcelain throne?

The kitchen
Room for a chef and two sous-chefs

Getting to my territory, this looks like a kitchen that you would not leave to just the servants.  “I’m sorry, Pierre, but I want to cook tonight.”  With four stoves (count them), nine burners (one is probably a griddle) and two sinks, you can allow the help to, well, help, but you are in charge, in this gourmet chef’s kitchen.

The Breakfast Nook
Breakfast with the family

When you just have the family around, though, you can forgo the formal dining room and dine in the breakfast nook.  Sure it still looks a little formal, with the woven-wood shades, but the kitsch and the informal placemats tell you that this is for family and very close friends.

The Family Room
The kids can go wild in this room

There has to be at least one place in the house where one can relax and not feel too formal, right?  The family room is just the ticket, with green and red leather seating, tile floors, and some Louis XIV furniture and 18th century art – you can hear the kids playing rambunctiously while the football game screams in the background, no?

The Media Room
Invite your friends over for movie night

I’m guessing this is the media room, but I have to admit I’m not sure.  I don’t see the ticket booth or the popcorn machine.  I’m pretty sure that’s a large screen TV off to the right, however, and don’t those divans look comfy?

The Shrine
Built for quiet moments of reflection

I admit I’m at a loss with this room.  All I can call it is a shrine.  Having said that, it’s not a bad thing – at all – for every home to have a place where one can go to stimulate spiritual reflection.  Maybe this should start a movement in new home development.  We could do worse.

Master Bed Room
You might never leave the bedroom

At last we get to see the bedrooms, and the master doesn’t disappoint.  The valences add a touch of luxury, while the rug nicely grounds the visitor in more of a neo-classical motif.  The bed looks super comfy and the love seat looks like a wonderful place to begin your Valentine Day celebration.  All in all, this is a very nice master bed room.

The Master Bath
Getting clean can be fun

Off the master bedroom you need a spectacular master bath, and this will suit the bill.  With his and her sinks and a wonderful step-up bath tub with a view of the hills outside, you could get lost and spend quite a bit of time in here.  Not a bad way to while away the weekend.

Guest bedroom
“Kids! Don’t jump on the bed!”

Another bedroom also doesn’t disappoint, as it carries the luxury theme forward into the children and guest bedrooms.

Second Bath
Your guests should be pampered, too. And your kids.

The same can be said of the extra baths.  An abundance of detail and highest quality fixtures and accouterments make sure that your family and guests always know they are pampered.

The stables
Horses have it pretty good here


This week’s listing of the week is interesting because the land is unusual – not unique, but certainly rare – for Santa Clara County.  There are very few horse properties left, and having the room for your own stables is a luxury not many folks in Silicon Valley can even imagine.

It is also interesting because the interior décor is – well – unique.  Not everyone will fall in love with it, but someone certainly did, and the next owner is probably someone who feels the same.

To find out more about this property, visit the listing here.

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