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Casey Fleming
Curb appeal
“Honey, I’m home!”

For the listing of the week I like to find something about a property that is at least interesting and unusual, if not unique.  Last week we had acreage and a unique style of interior design.  This week’s listing of the week has everything a high-tech executive could want in Silicon Valley Real Estate.  What do you get for $10,999,999?  You get a 7,584 square foot, 5 bedroom, 7 ½ bath home on a 1 acre lot.  It’s the architectural style that really sets it apart, however.  We’ll call it Modern architecture, a la Frank Lloyd Wright.  There are three stories, but the middle story is the main living area, so we’ll call it main level, lower level, and upper level.

With this house you won’t run out of room, and you won’t ever wait for a bathroom.  Your days of doing the full-bladder dance are over.

I’m a big fan of curb appeal, and while I have mixed feelings about Modern Style architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright may have indeed been on to something.  Can you imagine coming home to this after a long, hard day at work?  The lights create a warm welcome in the early evening light.  I think most people would be happy driving up and thinking ”This is my home.”

Clean, modern living room.
Where are the walls? does not have any photos of the entryway on the listing.  That’s too bad – I’d love to see what that looks like.  The floorplan indicates that the entry is open to the living room on the main level.  This photo appears to show the living room from the opposite side of the entry.  The entry should be off to the left.

Notice, however, that this photo appears to be taken from the outside.  The exterior glass walls are all tucked into the pockets to the right side of the photo.  The house is much bigger now.  This is an incredibly interesting feature, so let’s take a closer look.

Living room with the walls closed
Now we’ve shut out the winter cold

In this photo of the living room the glass walls are closed.  You can see that with floor-to-ceiling glass walls the open feel remains, but you can shut out that winter chill.  The continuation of the wood floor gives the feeling that it’s all one space.  That looks like an Ipe deck on the outside, which I love.  (And it will last just about forever.)  The interior floor might be Ipe, too, but I haven’t seen that before – more likely it is Brazilian Cherry.

Modern kitchen
Could you cook in this kitchen?

Since the kitchen is in the background of the living room photo, let’s go there next.  That’s a lot of oven space on the left.  Is one of those a pizza oven?  There is a six-burner stove on the island, along with a vegetable sink.  They are hard to see in this photo but they’re there.  I’m guessing that’s a sub-zero fridge / freezer off to the right.

There is no informal family dining area, so the island will have to suffice for that.

I can’t say this is my style of kitchen, but it certainly fits in with the architecture of the home and there appears to be plenty of space for you and a sous chef.

Dining is open to the outside
Open air dining party, anyone?

The formal dining room is more of an area because it’s open to the kitchen.  Well, technically, it’s open to everything – at least once you roll back the walls.  The kitchen is off to the left, the living room is straight ahead and the pool is off to the right.  Pool party, anyone?

Master bedroom overlooking the back yard
Is the neighbor’s view in as good as your view out?



The master bedroom is on the upper level, which is good because I don’t know how you would put curtains on those movable glass walls.  But the view is nice.


The Sauna
Pamper Yourself!


Our listing of the week would not be the same without a touch of luxury here and there.

The sauna is on the lower level, along with a wine cellar, family / game room, exercise room, and a guest bedroom and bath that is far enough away from the other bedrooms that you might want to put your mother-in-law or a rowdy teenager there.

Open to the world
From the patio looking in

Outside our listing of the week

The view from the patio at night is stunning.  Clearly, once you open all of the walls up the house almost disappears and you have one big party space.  The abundance of lights brightens up the space at night and makes me wonder how much work it will be to change light bulbs all the time.  If they are LEDs, no too bad I suppose.  Certainly less work than cleaning all the glass.

Water-wise back yard
“Croquet today, Dear?”

The view of the back yard shows a thoughtful, water-wise landscape plan.  There is just enough lawn area for a friendly game of croquet, or maybe a volleyball game.  I believe this photo is taken from an upper-level balcony.  You won’t have total privacy – some of your neighbors can wave “hello.”  That may change as the trees mature.

View from the back
This could be yours!

The view from the back yard, however, really shows the appeal of this style of architecture.  This is a pretty view by any measure.

At just under $11 million this home will not appeal to everyone.  But what you get for that investment is unique architecture, a lot of room with the walls closed up, and loads of room when you open them.  As the CEO of a major venture capital firm you know you need to entertain your guests in style.  This will probably fit the bill.

To learn more about this listing of the week(or to tell the listing agent “I’ll take it!”) click here.

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