Listing of the week – a man’s home is his castle

Casey Fleming

4/5/2017 | Casey Fleming

Each week I try to look for something unique in a property. This week’s listing of the week was a no-brainer.  How would you like to own your own English countryside castle?  And for less than $1 million?

Molly's Lodge (Castle)
You can have your very own English castle!

Our listing of the week.

Molly’s Lodge is situated on the northern edge of the Cotswolds on the southern tip of Warwickshire, close to the border of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire .  I don’t even know what that means, but it was fun to write and must be hysterical to try to say.

Listing of the week
Defend your castle from the parapets

The castle was originally the former gate house of the Weston Park Estate, first developed in 1834 by the notable designer (in England anyway, I suppose) Edward Blore.  The castle is constructed of limestone with corner turrets and a parapet (you never know when those pesky Saxons are going to sack the village again.)

Throughout the house are stone mullion windows, which are…hold on a second I’m looking it up…isn’t Google great?…”containing a vertical element dividing the window into two to provide support for a lintel or arch above the window, or to provide support for the glazing.”

Molly's kitchen
With stone archway, a hob and mullion!

How could you not want this castle?

A stone archway leads to the modernized kitchen with, among other fabulous amenities, has a Neff halogen hob (yes, I looked that up too – it’s the electric glass-top range.)  And look at those stone mullion windows!  They overlook the cottage garden with boxed hedging.  We don’t have photos of it, but through the kitchen you’ll find a formal dining room with mullion windows (of course) and a cast iron fireplace over a stone hearth.

The sitting room
Look at that fireplace! And those mullions!

The living – ahem, reception room – features a brick inglenook fireplace fitted with a wood-burning stove.  You’ll also note that it has a bay window – mullion windows – looking out to presumably the side  of the house – uh, castle.

Entry and staircase
A 183-year-old door?

The entrance hall features the original door!  Let that sink in for a moment.  We’re talking an exterior door that is maybe 183 years old.  They just don’t make then like that anymore.  Our listing of the week has never before had a 183-year-old door.

You can also see the spiral staircase leading up to the master (well, only) bedroom.  Imagine getting a California King bed up those.  “Let’s sleep in the living room tonight, dear.”

Molly's guest house
Room for guests and your Rolls

You would think having your own castle is enough, but what if you have overnight guests?  Well, a secondary structure on the property (named Molly’s Mews) is a detached timber-framed garage and carport with a secure home office attached, and – via a separate exterior entrance – a cozy self-contained one bedroom annex with a kitchenette, double bedroom and bath.  What’s a double bedroom?  A bedroom with a double bed.  I have to re-learn English.

The pool and gardens
A pond and English cottage gardens await you, sire

Finally, the extensive gardens will provide fruit and color all year long, and includes an ornamental pond, among other things.

Sure, you could look at a listing of the week in a suburban tract, or you could buy a condo in the city, but how often do you get the chance to buy a 183-year-old castle in a place where it takes five or six syllables just to tell people where you are?  That’s right, not often.  And besides, you can use “mullion” at cocktail parties for the win.  Check it out here.

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