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Did the Feds lower interest rates? Interest rates moved down this month, as I wrote that they were projected to do in my article from November 28th.  (The analysts were right this time!)

How far down?  It depends on your circumstances and goals, but in general rates have fallen about 0.500% from their 2018 highs.  Today the Feds announced that they would not only hold short-term interest rates steady, but also that they were considering curtailing the sale of their holdings of treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities.

What does that mean and why is it important?  During the recession, the Federal Reserve bought trillions of dollars (not a typo) of U.S. Treasury Bonds and Mortgage-Backed Securities to flush money into the economy.  It worked, and helped build the longest economic expansion in U.S. history.

However, then they were stuck with trillions of dollars of investment holdings that they were never designed to hold, so they had to sell them off.  But if they sold them all off at once, they would crash the market.  So, instead, they’ve been selling the off slowly.

With the economy clearly slowing and the real estate market especially slowing down, they are thinking about slowing down the sale of these assets.  This will mean there will be fewer T-Bills and Mortgage-Backed Securities on the market, thus driving their price up and yields (interest rates) down.

See where I’m going with this?  We’ve seen significant improvement, but most analysts don’t think there is room for a lot more.  However, as I’ve written before, interest rates love stability, and the Feds just provided it.

Thinking of buying or refinancing?  Think now.  (And call now.)

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