Draw Any Conclusion You Like About Real Estate Prices

You have heard or read a lot about real estate prices lately.  But what you’ve heard and read has been inconsistent, hasn’t it?  So, what’s a homeowner (or prospective homeowner) supposed to think? There are many factors that determine whether real estate prices will rise or decline.  The trouble is, they don’t all point in...

Home Buyer Strategy for Today’s Market

“It’s impossible to buy a home with these interest rates!”  Those of us who paid double-digit interest on our first mortgage find this sentiment amusing, but we must admit that home buyer strategy does have to adjust to buy a home successfully in this market.  So let’s look at the various ways a home buyer...

Real Estate Crash – The Inflection Point

Back in May I made some bold predictions about the market this summer.  We are now at an inflection point where we will see how close I was to the eventual reality.  What do I mean by inflection point?  The market could move one way or the other from here.  Will real estate crash?  Let’s...

Bold Prediction: Will the Real Estate Market Crash?

Everyone wants to know: will the real estate market crash?  I’ve had this discussion many times lately, and opinions differ.  With no more expertise than any other armchair economist, here my bold predictions for the rest of 2022. The Important Data Points Listings are increasing in most areas.  This is normal this time of year. ...

The Number One Reason to Sell Your Home Now

If you are in the market to sell your home now in order move up, however, the decision is not so easy.  Inventory is so limited that many homeowners hesitate to sell only because they aren’t sure they will be able to find their next home.  As Shakespeare said, “Aye, there’s the rub.”

How to Skip Mortgage Payments

3/23/2020 | Casey Fleming |  There’s little question that we are already in a recession.  Perhaps you have been affected personally.  If so, you may wonder how to skip mortgage payments. During the Great Recession people lost their homes because they could no longer afford to make their mortgage payments.  The resulting foreclosures exacerbated the downturn...

Do Lower Interest Rates Make Housing More Affordable?

You’ll notice several ways in which the lower interest rates makes a dramatic difference in the cost of owning this home:

How to Give A Down Payment Gift (And Why You Should Do It Now)

Before making any decision to give or not to give because of tax considerations, you must consult with your tax preparer or a qualified CPA. When you do, here are some interesting strategies that you may want to bring up.

Pocket Listings Banned by NAR!

Recognizing that pocket listings do not represent a valuable service to consumers, the new rule was adopted by the NAR Board of Directors on a vote of 729 – 70.

There is No Limit on VA Loans!

6/28/2019 | Casey Fleming | Are you a veteran? Have you ever asked what is the maximum loan amount for a VA loan? Well, now there is no limit. This is HUGE news! Congress passed a bill that eliminates the ceiling on the amount of a VA loan. Before this bill the biggest loan you...