How to Skip Mortgage Payments

3/23/2020 | Casey Fleming |  There’s little question that we are already in a recession.  Perhaps you have been affected personally.  If so, you may wonder how to skip mortgage payments. During the Great Recession people lost their homes because they could no longer afford to make their mortgage payments.  The resulting foreclosures exacerbated the downturn...

Do Lower Interest Rates Make Housing More Affordable?

You’ll notice several ways in which the lower interest rates makes a dramatic difference in the cost of owning this home:

How to Give A Down Payment Gift (And Why You Should Do It Now)

Before making any decision to give or not to give because of tax considerations, you must consult with your tax preparer or a qualified CPA. When you do, here are some interesting strategies that you may want to bring up.

Pocket Listings Banned by NAR!

Recognizing that pocket listings do not represent a valuable service to consumers, the new rule was adopted by the NAR Board of Directors on a vote of 729 – 70.

There is No Limit on VA Loans!

6/28/2019 | Casey Fleming | Are you a veteran? Have you ever asked what is the maximum loan amount for a VA loan? Well, now there is no limit. This is HUGE news! Congress passed a bill that eliminates the ceiling on the amount of a VA loan. Before this bill the biggest loan you...

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

One of the biggest myths among home buyers is that they must have 20% down.

After the Peak Will Housing Crash?

Some folks experienced the Great Recession as children or teenagers.  For them the idea that housing prices might level off or even crash is something they’ve heard about, but have never experienced.

The Last GE Appliance I Will Ever Buy

10/17/2017 | Casey Fleming | Do not buy GE appliances. There, I’ve said it. It makes me sad, though, because GE used to be a great company. Here is my story, though, and why I will never buy another GE product. About 10 years ago I remodeled my kitchen. I have a 1926 Craftsman bungalow...

5 Affordable Ways to Prepare Your Home for Someone Who is Visually Impaired

2/19/2018 | Marie Villeza |While making modifications to a home to prepare it for a person with a visual impairment is essential to her safety and comfort, it can become quite costly to do so. The good news is, there are several ways to make your home accessible that won’t force you to get a...

How the GOP Tax Bill Affects You (If You Own Real Estate)

12/23/2017 | Casey Fleming | Now that the ink is drying on the 2017 Tax Reform Act, you may be wondering if the GOP tax bill is going to affect you.  The answer is yes.  Since I write about real estate, and real estate financing in particular, I will cover aspects of the 2017 Tax...