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Would you like to know as much as possible before committing yourself to the largest debt you’ll ever have? (Hint: The answer should be “yes.”) Take a live, in-person mortgage class covering either conventional mortgages (Financing Your New Home) or reverse mortgages (All About Reverse Mortgages)

In each mortgage class you will learn enough to make the right decision for your particular circumstances, needs and concerns. More details are available in the class-specific registration links you can click below.

Classes are sponsored by local community education programs and are offered for a very small fee to support those programs.  You will receive a workbook included in your class fee that you can use to take notes and take home with you for future reference. If you are looking to take Financing Your New Home you may also want to purchase The Loan Guide: How to Get the Best Possible Mortgage by Casey Fleming. This book is on Amazon and the class is based on the information in the book.

This semester’s classes are listed below.  Please click on the links and explore, or if you have questions, call me at (408) 348-3442.  Casey Fleming

We look forward to seeing you there!


Date Class Sponsored by
October  Financing Your New Home Campbell Adult Community Education